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Immigration & Settlement in Ontario

This link provides the following:

  1. Immigration and Citizenship laws and other government regulations
  2. Housing options
  3. Healthcare
  4. Finding Employment
  5. Education Options and Opportunities
  6. How to get involved in the community
  7. Legal Aid

This link provides the following for Peel region (City of Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, and Toronto):

  1. Government services and local municipalities near you
  2. Things to do before moving to Canada
  3. Things to be completed as soon as you move to Canada
  4. Language and community services
  5. Employment and housing services
  6. Education Opportunities
  7. Healthcare
  8. Financial Services
  9. Transportation Options
  10. Legal Aid
  11. Childcare and Parental Advice
  12. Extra-curricular activities
  13. Religious Centre locations

Community  and Welfare Services

This link provides:

  1. Information on social assistance
    1. Who can receive it
    2. How to apply for it
    3. How Ontario can help you
  2. Information on other programs and services the ministry offers

This link provides:

  1. A list of organizations and government bodies focused on welfare programs and assistance

Healthy Living

This link provides:

  1. Contact information for dieticians
  2. Information on healthy foods and recipes
  3. How to prevent diabetes

This link provides:

  1. Healthy food recipes for South Asian cooking
  2. Links for other health-related organizations
  3. Information videos on different illnesses

This link provides information about:

1. Why to immunize children and adults
2. Publicly funded immunization schedule
3. Immunizations for school and child care registration
4. Where to get immunized
5. How to report your child’s immunization to Peel Public Health

1. Mobile dental services
2. Spacious and fully equipped custom mobile dental van
3. Contact 647-969-0008

Click here to download the PDF document.

Healthy Heart

This link provides:

  1. Health information on heart disease and stroke
  2. Healthy living and food recipes

Gender and Health

This link provides:

  1. Information and resources for
    1. Cardiovascular disease
    2. Lung cancer
    3. Poverty
    4. Trauma
    5. Gender, globalization, and health
    6. Depression
    7. Sexual diversity
    8. Gender and heart failure
    9. Gender and dementia


This link provides:

  1. Information about different cancer types, their symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options
  2. How to prevent cancer
  3. Managing stress, sexuality, and nutrition during treatment
  4. Support services for cancer patients and people wanting to find out more

This link provides:

  1. Information on preventing, diagnosing, and treating cancer
  2. Information on the different cancer types


This link provides:

  1. Information on different types of arthritis
  2. Programs and services for arthritis patients
  3. Resource guide

Mental Health

This link provides:

  1. Information about mental health
  2. Finding services available in Ontario
  3. Counselling services, income support, housing and work services, financial assistance for education, self-help, and much more

This link provides:

  1. A list of website links for Mental Health Care organizations in Canada

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

This link provides:

  1. Drug and alcohol helpline
  2. Information on different treatment and services available for drug and alcohol addiction
  3. Resource center for other treatment organizations


This link provides:

  1. Information about diabetes
  2. Location of programs

Women Empowerment & Leadership

This link provides:

  1. How to become a leader and inspire your community


This link provides:

  1. Information about identifying and helping abused women that may be your neighbors
  2. Information about keeping yourself safe from abuse


This link provides:

  1. Contact information for professional interpreters for in person and telephone interpretation in 96 languages
  2. Translation for personal, marketing, and promotional documents
  3. Training opportunities for individuals interested in becoming certified interpreters and translators

Family Law Education for Women

This link provides the following for women:

  1. Legal information for:
    1. Dispute and resolution family law
    2. Child protection
    3. Child support
    4. Domestic contracts
    5. Family law issues for immigrants, refugees, and non-status women
    6. Dividing property among family members

These two links provide:

  1. Location and Contact information of legal aid clinics

This link provides:

  1. Contact Information for lawyers located in Mississauga

This link provides:

  1. How to get legal help in Ontario

This link provides:

  1. General Information about free legal services in Ontario
  2. Contact information of organization providing these services

General Law for Women

This link provides information on the following:

  1. Same-sex marriage
  2. Women’s human rights
  3. Pay equity
  4. Social assistance
  5. Women’s reproductive rights
  6. Family law
  7. Immigration

Women’s Shelters

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter
This link provides the following about the shelter:

  1. General information and history about the shelter
  2. Services provided to women seeking shelter
  3. Location and Contact Information

This link provides:

  1. Locations of different shelters
  2. Information on the various types of abuse experienced by women
  3. Information about adolescent and child abuse
  4. Information about abuse for children


Counselling  and other Support services for Women

Barbra Schlifer Clinic
This link provides:

  1. Individual and Group Counselling services
  2. Transitional and Housing Support which help women in re-establishing themselves into the community
  3. Interpreter Services for non-English speaking women
  4. Legal Services for women who have experienced violence
  5. Educational services

South Asian Couples Counselling
This link provides:

  1. Contact information for South Asian therapists available for counseling
  2. Information about marriage counseling

Domestic Violence

This link provides:

  1. Locations of domestic violence treatment centers across Ontario
  2. Information on counseling services

Child Abuse

This link provides:

  1. Information for child abuse prevention and sexual assault awareness
  2. Resource guide
  3. Warning signs of abuse
  4. Information for parents and caregivers

This link provides:

  1. Information on counseling services
  2. Child Victim Witness Support Programs
  3. Prevention Programs
  4. Information for parents, students, teachers, and youth



Poverty Reduction Act http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statutes/english/elaws_statutes_09p10_e.htm

As per the Act: “Not all groups of people share the same level of risk of poverty. The poverty reduction strategy must recognize the heightened risk among groups such as immigrants, women, single mothers, people with disabilities, aboriginal peoples and racialized groups.” And “That all people in Ontario, including those living in poverty, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.” And “That a sustained commitment to work together to develop strong and healthy children, youth, adults, families and communities is required to effectively reduce poverty.”