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In South Asian terminology the word "Aurat" means Woman.

Aurat Health Services is a dedicated South Asian Women's organization that strives to empower South Asian women. 

Our number one goal is to ensure delivery of best possible health, social and community literacy for South Asian Women across the Greater Toronto Area. We are the first organization of its kind to focus on South Asian Women's health, social and community literacy and well-being taking into account the impact of economic and social conditions that shape the health of South Asians. 

At Aurat Health Services our efforts are devoted to achieving equity; eliminating community, social and health disparities; and improving outcomes for South Asian Women, regardless of race, sexual orientation, caste, economic status, language, age, country of origin, and/or religious affiliation. 


South Asian Women hold culture, values and traditions very close to their heart. One of the most important elements of our well-being is the comfort that comes from receiving information and  services knowing the person facilitating and delivering them can help in a culturally appropriate way and has an understanding of health challenges and factors such as gender, income, social supports, life skills, education and employment that impact health status and outcomes. 

South Asian Women often make decisions about their health in consultation with family members. Provision of services for South Asian Women needs to take into account women’s relationships with family members and the influence of family on women’s health. Expected roles and responsibilities often have detrimental influences on South Asian Women’s health. It is important to approach information and service delivery with a specific lens to ensure that the right care is delivered in an appropriate and safe setting.

At Aurat Health Services we are committed to empowering our women by facilitating the delivery of such linguistically and culturally sensitive services for our South Asian Women’s health and well-being.


Capacity Development through provision of health, social and community literacy that is linguistically and culturally appropriate.

Capacity development is a process by which individuals, groups, organizations and societies enhance their abilities to identify and meet development challenges in a sustainable manner. Capacity development is achieved by:

  • Building community capacity by empowering and inclusivity
  • Community organization and development
  • Community mobilization